Best Tips On Hair Removal For Unwanted Facial And Body Hair

Tips On Hair Removal By Maria Carroll
Maria Carroll

Welcome to Tips On Hair Removal. This website is quite new and over the coming weeks and months we will be posting many articles with tips on removing unwanted body hair.

So if you’re looking for great hair removal advice, then bookmark this website as you have come to the right place.

At, we don’t advocate any one method of hair removal, but leave the decision to you. Each person will be comfortable with a particular method of hair removal, depending on his or her skin and hair type.

But to make your decision easier, we will be offering the best hair removal tips for each body part.

Tips On Hair Removal

There are many different methods of hair removal these days and it is not surprising that both women and men need good advice. Here we give you all the help you need.

Today more than ever, removing body hair is the trend.  It has been moving this way over the past few decades and will continue.

Facial Hair

As facial hair is a male characteristic it is not surprising that women choose to remove unwanted facial hair. Facial hair removal for women is often carried out by laser, waxing and tweezers.

Best tips on hair removal for chest hair
Remove Chest Hair

Remove Body Hair For Women And Men

It has become quite common too for men to remove their chest hair even though it is a male characteristic. Chest hair removal is also usually done by sugaring and waxing. Fashions and fads come and go – many women and some men remove their pubic hair either fully or partially (bikini line), and even have it shaved or waxed to create designs and patterns.

Depilation For Hair Removal

Depilation is where hair is removed from the surface of the skin and includes shaving and using chemical depilatory creams. Here the unwanted hair grows back in a short time and the procedure has to be repeated quite often.

Epilation For Hair Removal

Epilation involves removing the hair down to the root, and includes plucking, waxing, sugaring and threading. It also includes laser and electrolysis which is an intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove the unwanted hair.

Epilation methods for hair removal are longer lasting, and are intended to be permanent.  Laser and IPL for removing unwanted hair may take a number of treatments using either a home hair removal handheld device or visiting a beauty clinic.

The hair removal method is down to personal preference. Factors which can influence the choice, apart from convenience, are level of discomfort and cost. Sensitive areas such as around the breasts and bikini line many require different type of hair removal methods and treatments.

In general epilatory methods such as laser hair removal are less comfortable but have longer lasting results, whereas depilatory methods are generally pain free but there is the inconvenience of constant repetition.

Best tips on hair removal for all your body
Shaving Tips

Shaving, Plucking & Waxing Unwanted Hair

As far as cost is concerned, shaving and plucking of unwanted hair are the least expensive, followed by wax and sugaring done at home.

Most procedures can be carried at a beauty salon, but of course are more expensive, done as they are by a professional.

Laser, electrolysis and IPL are usually entrusted to a professional, and are the most expensive of all treatments.

However, with the latest technology there are now some excellent and affordable lPL hair removal home devices.

Side Effects From Hair Removal Treatments

Apart from skin irritation, another side effects of hair removal is ingrown hairs. Fortunately, ingrown hair removal treatment is available. With laser, electrolysis and IPL, pigmentation of skin can occur due to the persons natural skin colour and too intense of treatment on the body or face.

Best Tips On Hair Removal

Here on this site we offer the best advice and tips on hair removal, which will help you avoid any of the side effects associated with hair removal. We will also give you the pros and cons for all methods to rid your body of unwanted hair. Starting with everything about sugaring hair removal, we will also advise you on the best hair removal products available on the market.

If you have any questions or would like to read more about this website please visit our  About Us page.

I certainly hope you find our website very helpful for all everything to do with hair removal.

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    Love your new website. Great design and I hope you will have many tips on removing unwanted hair for us men. :-)

  • Maria Carroll

    Thanks a million. Yes. I will have so many hair removal tips for men, you won’t have any hair left on your body. :-)

    But keep the 3 day unshaven look. hehehehe